Corona Patrimonial SOCIMI, S.A.U. is a listed real estate investment trust (REIT), The Company’s corporate purpose is the acquisition and development of urban real estate assets for the leasing thereof, by direct assets ownership, through the holding of stakes in the share capital of companies with this prupose or The holding of shares or stakes in Real Estate Collective Investment Institutions.



The Company owns the following real estate assets indirectly through its investees:

– MB One Building through Chameleon (Alcobendas Investment 2014), S.L.U
– Sant Cugat Green Building through Chameleon (Sant Cugat Investment 2014), S.L.U.
– Illumina Building through Chameleon (Esplugues), S.L.U.
– Delta Nova 4 and Delta Nova 6 Buildings through Gloin Investment S.L.U.



The Company, via its subsidiaries, has acquired office buildings in Spain at a good point in the cycle, and expects to benefit from the recovery of the property market. The Spanish market is improving in economic terms and seeing a change of cycle; this is reflected in macroeconomic indicators and is a sign of recovery.

The Company has a board of directors comprised of three directors whose areas of professional experience -including participation in processes for the acquisition of assets in Spain and abroad, the management of real estate companies or the implementation and supervision of management platforms in those companies- complement each other.

The Group’s leases are based on the selection of clients with economic solvency that provides security and visibility of long-term income, the aim being to increase the current occupation percentage.

The assets are located in the main business and consolidate offices areas of Madrid, Alcobendas and Barcelona (Sant Cugat del Vallés and Espluges de Llobregat) and have an average age of less than 14 years.


The Board of Directors has a longstanding professional track record in real estate and finance.



Gloin Investment, S.L.U.- Delta Nova 4 and Delta Nova 6 Buildings. Acquisition on December 2014 of two blocks of offices in the same business park: Delta Nova 4 and Delta Nova 6. The Delta Nova 4 Building has a gross leasable area of 10,139 m2 divided up into 5 floors . It also has 260 parking places. The Delta Nova 6 Building has a gross leasable area of 14,708 m2 distributed across 7 floors. It has 386 parking


Chameleon (Esplugues), S.L.U.- Il.lumina Building. Il lumina building located in an industrial park in Barcelona, which was acquired in July 2014 and totally refurbished in 2004. By car, it is less than 10 minutes away from the Avenida Diagonal. It has a gross leasable area of 20,953 m2 and 319 parking spaces.


Chameleon (Alcobendas Investment 2014), S.L.U.- MB One Building. Office building located in Alcobendas (Madrid), acquired in July 2014, with a gross leasable area of 22,129 m2, comprising four modules and 5 floors. It has 830 parking places, of which 449 are in the underground carpark and 381 are outdoors. It also has several meeting rooms and a cafeteria.


Chameleon (Sant Cugat Investment 2014), S.L.U.- Sant Cugat Green Building. Office building acquired in July 2014 located in Sant Cugat. It has a leasable area of 26,106 m2, comprising an office building (Building A) of 8 floors. It has a total of 522 parking spaces.